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Ads Plus Advertising Inc. is a long-standing company that provides DIRECT MAIL SERVICES

For various clients nationwide

Boost Your Dealership Through Direct Mail Advertising

Ads Plus Advertising inc. in West Palm Beach, FL is a company providing direct mail services for various clients. Our team will design, print, and deliver your marketing mail to help you reach and engage your target audience. We specialize in working with automotive businesses and have experience in serving other industries such as Home Furnishings, Medical, Spa, RV, Motorcycle and more!


What We Do

We work hard in creating efficient design concepts and establishing genuine business relationships for our clients’ success. Our wholesale pricing can get you more for your money.

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Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

We recognize the importance of getting your mail delivered promptly. Our system includes timely delivery and tracking to make sure your promotional material arrives at the post office or mailbox on schedule. We specialize in high speed turn-around times for mail of all types, from design through printing, compiling mailing lists, response tracking, and bulk mail preparation and delivery.

Who We Are


Dependable Experts

We are a group of direct mail specialists with more than 16 years of experience. To be efficient continually, we use powerful designs and foster good working relationships with our customers.


A Flexible Team

Our staff has the necessary skills to deliver the mail to your target market regardless of time constraints.

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Let us help you produce creative promotional pieces to achieve your advertising goals. For additional information about our direct mail services, please contact us today.