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​​​​​​​  Co-op Friendly

Keep your customers informed with New Car Mailers!  By working with you and your manufacturing source we can design and print a fully co-op compliant mailer.  We will work with the manufacturer and help make sure that the verbage is legal for your state as well.  

​​​​​​​  Target Your Campaign

Using customized filtered mailing lists to assure that you are targeting the appropriate clients is important.  We will make sure that this is part of the process for you and your customized marketing campaign.  This is to ensure that none of your dollars are wasted on leads that do not meet your goals.  

  ​​​​​​​ Long Term Plans  

We believe in the powerful concept of relationship marketing.  We posess the equipment, facilities and personnel to produce your direct mail even within time constraints.  Whatever your budget, we can and will create a long term custom campaign that will generate you "hot leads".

​​​​​​​  Social Media Sales

Use the power of social media to take your next sale over the top!  Our new Facebook sales option does exactly that!  Send us a request for information today!

We have been around since the beginning of Direct Mail Marketing. 

Let our experience work for you.

Direct Mail Marketing

 We believe in the value of "sticking with" the challenge of any advertising concerns.  We foster a no nonsense, "whatever it takes" kind of attitude when we create your advertising solutions.  At Ads Plus, we are so dedicated that we do not relax even once your event is complete.  We output fresh energy for the follow up and tracking of your campaign and sales.

We offer postage proof that your mail, ALL of your mail, not only made it to the post office... but all got delivered.  

DO NOT fall for the scammers!  Let us deliver for you today!  Contact us for your free quote!

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