Enter the Race for Clients!

Famous from Coast To Coast:
The Ads Plus Advertising Three Steps To Success Program

For over a decade, Ads Plus Advertising has brought automotive business owners, auto markets large and small, into the winner's circle in the race for customers and ROI (return on investment.) We use an easy "Three Step Approach" to help you win your race against time, budget and competition. We think of these steps as three laps in your race to control the automotive market in your area.

Start Your Engines

Creating Direct Mail Pieces: We design eye-popping graphics and Jaw-dropping content to clarify your message. Years of experience have proven that our graphics and words initiate a compulsive "call to action" from your automotive shoppers. We invite you to consider:
Step 1 New and used car mailers, car service mailers, coupon mailers, data-base mailers, high impact post-cards.
Step 2 We also present you with key mailers, classy credit card style mailers and automotive give away announcements.
Step 3 We additionally entice your customers through your newsletters, self-mailers, snap-packs and our stylish personalized letters.

Wave the Checkered Flag

Completing Direct Mail Pieces: Our gorgeous design, layout and variable data full-color printing comprise only the beginning for some of our direct mail pieces.

Cross the Finish Line

Mailing Your Direct Mail Pieces: We go the extra lap including special identification tags for the U.S. Postal Service.

Win the Race

Tracking Your Direct Mail Pieces: We protect your investment with our "Watch Dog" tracking. We follow your mail through the U.S. Postal Service, to your potential consumer's mail box.

In the Ads Plus Advertising Winners' Circle your automotive business will receive the rewards of a saturated market, a showroom full of targeted clients, and a great return on your investment.

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